“Without consciousness, there can be no choice.”

To the surprise of many, counseling and the martial arts share a number of core principles.  One of these is the understanding that self awareness is a requirement for mastery, whether that mastery is of a fighting principle or in one’s life, career, or relationships.  The simple truth is if we don’t understand ourselves, we won’t succeed.

The maxim in the martial arts is, “Awareness precedes control.”  Before we can influence something, we must first understand it.  What is it we are trying to change?  Why do we want to change it?  How did it get there?  Most importantly, how has it served us in the past?

To make decisions about our life, to truly be able to influence its quality and shape our future in the way we want, we have to look “in” at ourselves first.  We have to be acutely aware of who we “are,” and how that story of “our” own journey effects how we see “our” world.

Without understanding, there can be no change.  Without consciousness, there can be no choice.

Photo credit:  Akuppa via Flickr