If you’ve landed on this website looking for a therapist, you’re likely struggling. Perhaps you are overstressed and unhappy with your work. Or, you’re having problems at home with your partner or your kids.

Or maybe you are not even sure what’s wrong.

What you do know, is you’re unhappy.

Life isn’t working out they way you imagined it to be—or how you think it “should” be—and you want help.

Whether it’s relationship or family problems, struggles with work and career, problems with anger or addiction, as a licensed professional counselor, I can help.

What You Can Achieve in Counseling with Me:

  • Life will feel easier and you’ll feel more at peace with yourself.
  • Your relationship with your partner will be much more fulfilling.
  • You’ll feel stronger, more confident and sure of yourself.
  • You’ll discover how to balance your career and home life better.
  • You will be able to express both positive and negative emotions more easily.
  • You’ll have a clearer sense of what kind of future you want.
  • You will have a healthier lifestyle free from any addictions.
  • My experience as a counselor, a combat veteran, an attorney, and a martial artist have given me the perspective that guys like you need to quickly and effectively knock out their problems.

    I’ll help you find your own power and be more solid and happier in all areas of your life in a direct, “no-nonsense” way. Read more >