Relationships are the foundation of our lives. We have relationships with other people, with organizations and with ourselves. Some we choose, others were chosen for us. We can be happy with the ones we have, or want new and better ones.

Sometimes the hard part for us to remember is that as adults, we ultimately have choice in all our relationships. As children we often lacked the power to decide for ourselves who we would be, or who we would be with. That feeling of having no choice can linger as we grow older. But we always need to remember, as adults in relationship, “I can’t” is often used an explanation for not choosing. “I didn’t” or “I won’t” are more often the answer.

Whatever relationships we are in, we have to ask ourselves do they help me to be the best person I can be, or do they hold me back. The answer to this question can often be frightening or painful.  If we are willing to risk our relationship as it is, however, we create the possibility that it can become something else. Something more. Something better. The choice is always ours.

Photo credit:  luc.viatour via Flickr