Counseling for Veterans

Those of us who have walked the warrior’s path know it can never truly be explained, only experienced. Someone once said that everyone who goes to war comes home wounded, it’s just that some wounds are easier to see and understand than others.

I was deployed three times over a fourteen year career. I came home changed each time. Returning from Iraq in 2004 was the most difficult for me. I still work to make sense of it all, to come to peace with it.

There are approximately 27 million of us in the U.S. today. If you need help and support, the Veterans Administration is working very hard to meet your needs. To get more services about counseling services available through the V.A., you can visit them here.

But if you need something else, I’ve walked the ground that you’ve walked, seen the things you’ve seen, and done the work needed to feel like I came home for good. If you want or need to talk, I’d feel privileged to work with you and hear your story.