I’ve been a contributor to the “monthly challenge” on the Mary Jones Show, at the Talk of Connecticut, WDRC AM1306/FM 102.9-3.

Here’s a sampling of some topics I’ve discussed on the show (press arrow to play):

      My Experience As A Veteran

      How To Improve Your Self Talk

      The Power of Positive Thoughts - Part 1

      The Power of Positive Thoughts - Part 2

And here is an interview with Brad Davis and Mary Jones on Leatherneck and Lace, at the Talk of Connecticut, WDRC AM1306/FM 102.9.

Mary, Brad and I talk about the military’s warrior culture and values, and the process of helping returning warriors finally “come home.”

      Understanding Warriors - Part 1

      Understanding Warriors - Part 2

Articles in the Press

Find out how authenticity and a positive attitude are the keys to becoming an effective leader, like the Bronco’s Tim Tebow.  Reporter Jeff Jacobs of The Hartford Courant and I discuss these keys to success  in Tebow’s Real Phenomenon Is Leadership.